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Port Quinta Ervamoira - 10 year

Product Code: 2112

Varietal: PORT


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Shades of ruby red at the base of the glass though clearly improved with age. At the top of the glass, the wine is tawny red with chestnut reflections. The meniscus is pale orange with chestnut reflections and the merest hint of green. Rounded, generous and well balanced with a touch of winy-ness. A characteristically fruity tawny port releasing aromas of fruit (orange, apricot and plums), wood (vanilla) and ether (bananas and stearin). A soft yet robust attack. The initial creaminess makes way for fresh, soft aromas ending on lightly acid, wooded notes. All the fruit and features typical of a wine that has aged in the wood. Good structure and evidence of perfect balance between fruit and alcohol.