Good wine must be properly stored. It should be racked in a horizontal position in a cool dark place. The corks should be kept wet and the bottles must be easily accessible. It must be possible to identify a wine without moving it in and out of the rack: there is no point in storing wine in absolute tranquility until the moment of service, and then shaking it violently to get it out of its box or off a shelf just before opening it.

The various

STEELRAX™ units solve all the problems of wine storage with an astonishing economy of space.

STEELRAX™ units are completely maintenance free. Made of wrought iron, primed and sealed, and coated in a matt black paint, they are aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and amongst the least expensive forms of wine storage, considering the accommodation they offer.

STEELRAX™ units are supplied fully assembled, with wall brackets where necessary, and all struts and supports welded in position. Except for the free-standing back-to-back library unit they should be fixed to the wall by means of plug bolts. They can therefore, be removed in the event of property being sold, though they will enhance the value of a home by more than their purchase price.


STEELRAX™ is made to order.


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