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Cristal Rosé

Product Code: 4370


Vintage: 2014


Pink hue with slightly coppery tints.

Dynamic bubbles forming a lingering bead.

Pure, precise and dazzling bouquet. The intense Pinot noir aromas take us back to the harvest time with its pure, ripe and concentrated fruit: zesty red berries (red currants, wild raspberries, blackcurrants) and raspberry liqueur. Then come sweet spice and smoky notes with a hint of reduction (smoky, spicy) from the Pinot noir with its notes of undergrowth.

Concentrated and broad on the palate, where the red fruit (strawberries, raspberries) is concentrated into afirm, dense texture that reveals itself in two stages that reflect the year's extremes: Initially the texture is silky and broad on entry (the final ripeness) and then followed by a firm and intense freshness (the cool summer). We have a sensation of concentration, of a whirlwind of flavoursthat burst delicately and gradually like salt bubbles on the palate. The saline, iodine impression combines with thesmoky notes and acidity to create umami and an infinitely flavoursome finish.