Collection 244

Product Code: 4332


Vintage: NV


Lovely golden yellow, very champagne-like, hue.

Dense and steady flow of extremely fine bubbles.

Deep, broad bouquet of ripe fruit (wild peaches, william pears) combined with citrus (lemons, blood oranges). The iodised and smoky notes, associated with the autolysis and the ageing in wood, add aromatic freshness. Then come notes of chalk and a hint of reduction, suggesting that the wine will be concentrated and powerful.

The entry to the palate is delicious showing a rich androbust texture. We have a very juicy and concentratedsensation as if we were biting into a ripe fruit. The substance is caressingly soft, coating the palate but is then immediately lightened by the delicate bubbles. The length is created by a lovely backbone of chalky freshness. The wine is both delectably rich, with a slightly roastedcharacter, and super fresh thanks to a salivating finish.The smoky notes then take over to underpin a veryflavoursome finish.

Collection 244 marks the return of the texture of theMeunier from the Marne and the Montagne, which adds a lovely richness to the well-structured and saline Pinot noir and Chardonnay grapes!