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Champagne Cristal Brut Vintage

Product Code: 4334


Vintage: 2015


Like a brand new symphony, Cristal resonates with a different tone to that of the previous vintages. This iconic cuvée from Champagne Louis Roederer is born in the vineyards at Domaine Cristal and beats to the rhythm of the seasons, the climate and the work undertaken in the vineyards. Just like a fine Burgundy cru, this champagne finds nourishment in its soils, their vibration and their unbreakable bond with the sun and the light.

A perfect combination of softness and concentration, matched by a masterful maturity, Cristal 2015 delivers intense and delicious aromas with a superb energy and a magical vibration. This is a timeless champagne with a chalky temperament, sustained by its soils, freed from the sunny character of the vintage.

The nose begins with hints of yellow fruit, toasted almonds and wheat from the Chardonnay, combined with the juicy red fruit of the Pinot Noir. Then comes the great surge of energy from the wineʼs structure, a vibratory intensity that transforms into a gentle caress, a silky texture interwoven with fine flavours of candied citrus and iodised spices.

The vintageʼs chalky character thus bursts forth in a bracing, vertical effervescence, with an insistent, precise and finely honed freshness. The finish is underpinned by subtle oaky, sappy and saline notes, which creates the ultimate sensation of delicacy and concentration.

Cristal 2015 remains a wine of supreme balance and measure, resonating from the chalky nature of its soils rather than the sunny character of its vintage. A perfect Cristal, intensely of the 2015 vintage, with enormous ageing potential...