Blind Tasting Glass

Product Code: 084015


The Blind Blind Tasting Glass is the perfect instrument for wine enthusiasts to handicap their senses while tasting wine.

The glass is handmade in solid black crystal, removing all visual cues for the drinker. It allows a nonbiased judgment of the tasted wine to trick and test the senses.Sommeliers was the world’s first wine friendly glass collection and a design revolution created by Claus J. Riedel (9th generation). The range adheres to the Bauhaus design principle of form follows function, as Claus J. Riedel had discovered that certain wines showed more depth and better balance when enjoyed from certain shapes. Thin-blown and unadorned, Sommeliers was the beginning of RIEDEL's dominance of the global wine glass market.
This product is handmade.
Our master glassmakers individually craft each item so every piece has a unique character. Due to the nature of crafting, small tolerances in the size and weight of each product, tiny bubbles, imperfections, or slight surface variations are an acceptable part of the process.

This item is dishwasher safe.

This pack contains a single piece.