About Reciprocal Wine Company

Reciprocal Wines is South Africa's leading fine wine and spirits merchant, with over 50 years of experience as an importer and distributor of many of the world's most famous wines. The majority of the brands represented by Reciprocal are family-owned, where multi-generational experience and institutional memory ensure the commitment to a long-term vision. Unsurprisingly we have become the go-to source for South African wine lovers who seek a variety of high quality, international wines, spirits, and wine accessories.

Chaired by South Africa's leading wine authority Michael Fridjhon, and managed by Michael Crossley, our team travels regularly to France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Australia, and Portugal and also sources wines from Hungary, the United States, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile. Our goal is always the same: to select wines of impeccable quality and individuality, while catering for all palates and pockets.

We are the importers and national distributors of Riedel Glassware, universally regarded as the ideal stemware from which to obtain the fullest expression of the bouquet and flavour of fine wine. Riedel has long been the brand of choice for wine connoisseurs, hospitality professionals and consumers globally. 

Working closely with a number of contractors to the wine industry, we also supply Steelrax™ wine racks and Miele temperature-controlled wine storage units.

All wines, spirits, and accessories are available for sale direct to customer, via the online shop (or call us: 011 482-9178) or for distribution via the trade.