Pinot Blanc Les Princes Abbés

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3943 Domaines Schlumberger Pinot Blanc Les Princes Abbés 2014 France Alsace


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The robe is light yellow with bright highlights, of medium intensity. The wine shows a pleasant youth. The nose is frank, pleasant, open and racy. One perceives dominant of fruity scents, citrus fruit, lemon, floral scents, white flowers and a fine touch of spice, ginger. Airing enhances the previous aromas and reveals a fine, exotic character of pineapple and blood orange. The grape shows beautiful health, an excellent level of maturity. The range of aromas is fresh and pleasant.

The onset in the mouth is moderately rich, dense. The alcohol support is balanced. The wine evolves on a medium with a sharp liveliness, pithy and marked by a sparkling note. The range of aromas is reminiscent of the nose, dominated by fruits, including citrus fruit, lemon, blood orange, white fruits, golden apple, spices, ginger and a complex, floral note.

The finish offers a good length, and a frank and persistent liveliness. The balance of this wine is based on freshness. Marked by a fine degree of maturity, it expresses great tenacity and energy. A beautiful wine.




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