Fire Whisky Set

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551502SI Riedel Fire Whisky set bar


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This set contains 2 pieces RIEDEL Bar Tumbler Fire Whisky and 1 piece Whisky Carafe Fire. The decorated, machine-made whisky set of the stylish, yet subtly nostalgic glass collection RIEDEL Barware is inspired by the glamorous Art Nouveau period and presents a contrast to Riedel’s purist, unadorned wine glasses. ‘Fire’ is distinguished by its dynamic, flame-like decoration and was designed by Georg Riedel. These elegant glasses are made to be lighter and finer than the sturdier ‘Louis’ and ‘Spey’ ranges. RIEDEL’s Barware tumbler collection presents perfect, ‘must have’ glasses for all cocktail and spirits lovers.

All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe.




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